We Dined at Marjorie

Our Seattle Fine Diners Over 40™ (FDO40) are always eager to experience the chef’s creativity at each successive venue. On Saturday, August 25th, we headed to Capitol Hill and Marjorie, Donna Moodie’s tribute to her beloved mom — a welcoming hostess and inspired home cook.

Donna Moodie has been turning foodie heads since 1993 when she opened her first restaurant, Marco’s Supperclub, to widespread acclaim. A few years later she branched out to regional Italian with Lush Life, in Belltown. In 2003 Lush Life morphed into Marjorie, which relocated to Capitol Hill in 2010.

Joining Leslie, our Seattle host, at dinner were seven members and guests who had been enticed by our pitch: “We will savor the chef’s tasting menu served family style. Expect an eclectic, globally-inspired range of flavors and preparations crafted from quality, seasonal ingredients. If you have a taste for cocktails, Marjorie’s is the place to indulge.”

Leslie was effusive in her praise for the “fresh, delicious, inventive” food and “imaginative” cocktails, the service (“Mikey was really cordial and friendly – it’s obvious he cares about the food.”), and the spirited group. Everyone clicked, which is usually par for the course (pun intended!) with FDO40 — Leslie said the conversation was nonstop.

Note to future guests: If you’re not the chatty type and prefer to focus on the food, that’s fine. Leslie will make sure you feel very much at home.

True to her own reputation as a gracious host, Donna Moodie came over and explained her menu’s influences: Jamaican, her heritage; Indian, from her travels; and Oaxacan, from her chef background.

The parade of tastings started with Marjorie’s signature appetizer, homemade plantain chips, and three dips. It moved on to chicken tikka masala and pappadums, lobster mushroom risotto, green salad with herbs, halibut and Oaxacan pozole, grilled hanger steak with roasted vegetables and carrot purée, and za’atar roasted carrots. Brioche bread pudding was the grand, sweet finale. As promised, an eclectic, globally-inspired range of flavors, indeed.

Word is our group was delighted with everything. Host Leslie said, “Personally, I can’t wait to go back.”