Recent Venues

Although many in the chef community wince at the term “molecular gastronomy”—this rose also goes by another name. Many accomplished culinary artists happily describe their menus as “modernist.” And after all, what respectable foodie wouldn’t be up for trying the different ways temperatures and air infusions affect the viscosity and surface tension of eggs? As for food as art, we’ll leave the debate to the essayists and academics. In our world, the innovation and creativity and attendant sensory delights are high art, indeed. Add cultural and social experience to the mix and you have a gastronome’s dream come true.

We typically choose restaurants whose chefs are found on FOOD & WINE Best New Chefs list and among those nominated for James Beard awards. Leslie is our Fine Diners Over 40™ host in Seattle. She is a dyed-in-the-wool foodie who also knows a thing or three about wine. A talented chef in her own right, she also seeks out well-prepared dishes at award-winning restaurants, local cafés, and gourmet food trucks. Leslie is a raconteuse with a gift for making guests feel at home. In 2016 Leslie hosted dinners at The Corson Building, Joule, and Loulay. In 2017 she hosted at LarkArt of the Table, Salare, and Eden Hill. And 2018’s featured venues were Cafe JuanitaAdana, The Corson Building (a favorite), MarjorieOpus Co., and Sitka & Spruce.

FDO40 founder Janet hosts our New York dinners. Over the past year she has hosted events at Hearth, Dovetail, Lincoln, Annisa, Dirt Candy, Tocqueville, Huertas, RiverparkBoulud SudEmpellón, and Má Pêche. You can read about her journey to Fine Diners Over 40 here.