Social purpose, millennial style

Social purpose, millennial style

From the beginning Fine Diners Over 40 (FDO40) has had a “social” mission. No, not one like companies founded to help solve social problems (think TOMS and Warby Parker). Ours was a mission to bring baby boomers together to enjoy fine dining and yes, make new friends—simple, and social, enough. When we rolled out a new website a few years ago, I was forced to accept the reality that blogging is a fact of [company] life.

I have been a freelance writer for over 20 years but have never written or blogged for myself. I was always too busy doing other people’s writing—the type that paid the bills. When I began to consider blogging for FDO40, I figured the obvious topics would be around restaurants and food. And I thought, ugh! It seems like hundreds, maybe thousands, of individuals and companies already do this; do we really need someone else chiming in on this stuff? And after all, while I love fine dining, I’m no food critic and have only basic cooking skills. It would be very hard to self motivate to write often about such things.

Around this time I happened to stumble upon the food waste reduction movement. Shortly thereafter, I had that sudden inspiration—an aha moment. I would write about food waste reduction and Third Age, subjects that [I thought] made perfect sense in the context of my business and, importantly, subjects I am passionate about. (See my post titled, “Fine Dining and Food Waste?”)

Spend a weekend afternoon writing about food security or renewal and transformation after age 50 without any direct benefit? You bet I can. These issues are consequential and give me a strong added purpose for FDO40—gosh, I feel like a millennial. I keep a long list of topics I’m keen to write about and share. I get tremendous satisfaction from conceiving and crafting the pieces and finding cool images to go with them.

Thus was born FDO40 as a dual social-purpose enterprise. My purpose—my contribution—is to use my writing gifts to help raise awareness about these important issues. My goal is to inspire others to help alleviate hunger and provide useful information, and maybe a little hope, to people in their Third Age.

The fact is that I have no real idea about whether members of Fine Diners Over 40 share my interest in or passion for my blog topics. I hope to find an audience among members and the public at large. Much like time I’ve spent as a volunteer teaching English to immigrants at the former International Center in New York and to adults in New York Public Library programs, these posts are a labor of love. By sharing my posts with your friends, relatives, and colleagues you can help me try to make a difference.