Annual Membership Fee
Fine Diners Over 40™ organizes members-only dining clubs for singles and couples in cities around the country. The frequency of events depends on the size of the city. In New York events are held monthly; in smaller cities such as Seattle events are bimonthly. Our current membership fees for New York are $75 per year for individuals and $105 per year for couples. In Seattle current membership fees are $45 per year for individuals and $75 per year for couples. Non-member guests may attend by paying a $15 fee plus the event fee.

Event Pricing
Dinner event fees range from $75 to $350 prepaid for a fixed price or tasting menu (including tax, tip, and administrative fees but excluding alcoholic and other beverages). If you have questions about the menu or have dietary restrictions, please write us at info@finedinersover40.com or call 212-353-1301. Please note: Event listings are representative of the caliber of establishments that are of interest to our members. Restaurants, dates, and fees are subject to change.

The tasting menu is our preferred menu format. Tasting menus give talented chefs the chance to craft a dining experience in which each course builds on the previous in a harmonious parade of flavors and gastronomic ingenuity. With a tasting menu, there’s no need to mull over tough choices from a delectable array. Fine Diners Over 40 like to sit back and let the experts do what they do best.

Event Payment
The event fee is payable when you reserve your spot. You can pay on our site when you reserve with Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards, American Express, and Discover. You can also pay via PayPal to payments@finedinersover40.com. 

Changes, Cancellations, Refunds
Details of restaurants, dates, and fees will be finalized approximately four (4) weeks prior to the event and you are entitled to a refund based on any such change. If you cancel your reservation within seven (7) days of the event, we will offer your spot to people on the waiting list. If we are able to fill your spot we will process a refund, less a small administrative fee. If we are unable to fill your spot and the restaurant cooperates in not charging us, we will be happy to refund your money, less the administrative fee.

Guest Reservations
Fine Diners Over 40 invites visiting businesspeople and tourists to join us for dinner if our event coincides with your stay in town. Non-member guests pay a $15 service fee in addition to the event fee. To reserve please click here and select “Guest” to reserve your spot for a particular event. We accept payment via PayPal to payments@finedinersover40.com as well as American Express, Discover, and Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards.

Gift Certificates
Any foodies on your gift-giving list, or someone who might enjoy meeting new friends or networking over dinner? Giving experiences instead of things continues to gain popularity on all sides of the gifting ritual. Social dining with Fine Diners Over 40 is an enjoyable way to connect with singles and couples — all are welcome. A gift certificate for a one-year membership entitles your giftee to attend dinners and special events such as wine tastings and cocktail parties. He or she pays the fee for individual events. Please email us at info@finedinersover40.com to purchase a gift certificate.

Gender Ratio
In the past we’ve had a nice mix of men and women, but we do not expressly make an effort to achieve a balance. Sharing the dining experience with fellow foodies is our primary objective and we’re interested in meeting new friends of both genders.

Do I have to be over age 40 to join?
Although we are targeting the over-40 crowd, we are big proponents of intergenerational exchange. If you are younger than 40 and would like to attend our events, you are most welcome.

Cell Phone Policy
Of course we prefer that guests turn off their phones while at dinner, but we know that may be a bridge too far. So we ask that if you do get a text or call to which you must respond, please excuse yourself from the table.