As I said at the outset, in this Restaurant Travels part of the blog I would not focus on restaurants per se or serious food critique. This is because I wouldn’t know where to begin writing about food the way professional food writers do. Take Pete Wells’ appraisal yesterday of Wassail—the latest vegetable-focused place to make waves in the New York restaurant sea. [And in what I think is a new twist,] Wassail is also distinguished by its deep devotion to hard cider, says Wells. I was struck by how Wells uses metaphors and turns phrases to describe his experiences in multiple visits to sizeRead More →

I think I’ve dined alone in a “fine” restaurant only once in my life—and it did not begin well. It was a good 30 years ago while I was traveling solo in Brussels. As a foodie I was keen to “have what they’re having”: I figured my best food bet would be the place with the most patrons and chose thusly. I did feel a bit awkward asking for a table for one; it was about 9:00 p.m. and there were no other solo diners in sight. I was waiting in the vestibule when the maître d’ swooped in and commandeered the small table beingRead More →

One of life’s small pleasures is telling someone about a great this or that you experienced that s/he should try—and the report comes back with flying colors, just as you hoped it would! Over the past few months I have burnished my foodie cred with a few family members as I talked up the delights of the tasting menu. Intrigued by my Fine Diners Over 40 (FDO40) venture, my college-aged niece asked me to show her what a FDO40 experience might be like. To be on the safe side, I could have suggested places where we could order à la carte; instead, I asked thisRead More →