For a short while I thought I had a scoop! Within 24 hours of boarding the Anthem of the Seas, I became preoccupied with wondering about how all these activities are managed for 4,905(!) guests for seven days. Buying and preparing the food that’s available virtually 24/7, disposing of waste in all its glorious forms (after first trying to reduce it), conserving energy … all the things we eco-conscious types care about. And being the $1+ billion-wonder that it is, I figured the Anthem surely had features and practices to crow about. I enlisted the help of Guest Services in arranging an interview with theRead More →

Usually when I tell someone I am writing about food waste reduction on my blog, he or she immediately thinks of restaurants donating excess to the local food bank or how much gets pitched from the household fridge in the normal course of a week. A quick survey of #NoFoodWasted shows a preponderance of tweets on creative ways to use leftovers and heaping love on ugly fruits and vegetables—no surprises here, we’re used to talking about food waste on the consumer level. But as I mentioned at the outset, I want to raise awareness about food waste reduction throughout the supply chain—because the implications forRead More →

Supermodel, celebrity chef, former New York City mayor, comedian, and shepherd-in-chief, respectively—all are passionate about some aspect of food waste and food security. Then there are the Grocery Manufacturers Association, Food Marketing Institute, and National Restaurant Association—industry influencers who have partnered with the Food Waste Reduction Alliance to communicate best practices and emerging solutions to key actors in the supply chain. As a business writer one of my favorite topics is supply chain management. The idea of unlocking hidden value is an aphrodisiac to us b-school types and those charged with growing the bottom line and edging out the competition. The FWRA puts it inRead More →

“Fake meat” has been around for a long time, at least in New York City. For years I frequented Zen Palate in Union Square (though for me the meat alternatives were not the draw). After Union Square the restaurant had a good run in Hell’s Kitchen, and now I see they’ve put down stakes in Murray Hill. On a grand scale, in recent years people like Bill Gates have helped fund new meat-alternatives ventures that preserve precious resources, curb greenhouse gas emissions, and will help advance food security. There’s Beyond Meat, a company that makes plant-protein-based meat substitutes that behave (and taste, so say aRead More →

Each year City Harvest, which calls itself “the world’s first food rescue organization,” collects millions of pounds of excess food from restaurants, grocers, bakeries, manufacturers, and farms, and delivers it free of charge to community food programs across the city. The mission: To help feed the over one million New Yorkers who are hungry and malnourished. As a student of business, I found it interesting to learn how cost effectively this 33-year-old organization runs its operation and how it has extended its anti-hunger work with Healthy Neighborhoods programs. But here’s the thing about the food waste reduction movement you may not know: It seeks toRead More →

I’m an inveterate recycler. Direct mail pitches from charities and insurance agents, informational letters from my bank and retirement fund manager—anything with a blank side goes straight to the office paper pile for use in printing drafts for my everyday work. After appropriate identity purging, everything else is deposited in the recycle bin, even labels I peel from the aluminum cans I am, of course, recycling. When I worked in an office and before two-sided printers were an office staple (no pun intended!), I would put once-used paper back into the machine’s paper supply drawer (taking care to place it properly for another go onRead More →