What’s the old saying, “never say never”? For years I’ve said I’d never go to Las Vegas. Okay, I might swing through on my way to the Grand Canyon. But I doubt I’d ever spend time in a casino or go to a show – they just don’t interest me. To date, I’ve never been. On the other hand, I used to say I could not see myself composting because I live in a Manhattan apartment. I’m a devoted recycler, but was uninformed about composting. I automatically assumed food scraps would attract bugs or other critters. For this same reason, I never understood why theRead More →

On June 26-27 I attended the 2018 U.S. Food Waste Summit, hosted by ReFED and the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic. In talking with Barbara Bronstein, founder of Second Servings of Houston, I referred to all the effort and energy around reducing food waste as a “movement.” Barbara has been working in food rescue for several years and said she had not heard the term used in this context before, but thought it was an apt descriptor, indeed. I first learned about the topic of food waste reduction two years ago. After doing some research I was compelled to blog about it because –Read More →

It’s been about two years since I first zeroed in on the food waste reduction movement (FWRM). [Quasi-pun intended: I think near-zero food waste is an attainable goal.] In just the two years I’ve been watching I’ve seen a groundswell of support from individuals, nonprofits, industry, and policymakers whose efforts can really make a difference. One obstacle to donating leftover food has been concern about liability. But with increasing social and environmental pressures, governments at all levels have been revising rules and regulations so as to encourage donations. In September 2017 the California state legislature tackled liability and product expiration dates. The unconscionable waste inRead More →

In my blog post, “Social Purpose, Millennial style,” I wrote about how I came to begin writing about the food waste reduction movement and Third Age instead of the obvious topics of restaurants and recipes. The reason is that it would be very hard to motivate myself to write about said topics because, while I love fine dining, I’m no food critic and have only basic cooking skills. Plus, there is no shortage of folks writing in this space. But as an inveterate recycler and someone who rarely discards food, the food waste reduction movement hits close to home―and the social, economic, and environmental issuesRead More →

In a National Geographic cover story earlier this year, Garbage Land author Elizabeth Royte follows Tristram Stuart as he darts around New Jersey, New York, Colombia, and Peru on food-rescue missions that culminate in soup-kitchen-style events to feed scores of people, sometimes as many as 5,000. The son of a naturalist, Stuart is the high-profile British food activist and author of Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal. Stuart’s food-waste consciousness was shaped in adolescence in rural East Sussex where he raised pigs he fed with the [shocking amount of] leftovers he gathered from local shops. At times Royte paints a caricature reminiscent of Road RunnerRead More →

Today I was tooling around the internet looking for updates and news on the food waste reduction front. Honestly, it was a bummer. Yes, the vast majority of the world’s hungry live in developing countries, but hunger afflicts many in our midst. This time of year there are lots of stories about low-income families’ anxiety over the loss of meals from school programs. Thankfully, the USDA’s Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) will address the nutrition needs of a good number of children under age 18 at approved SFSP sites. Still, one in five kids in the U.S. struggles with hunger. But college students are alsoRead More →