For years I’ve had a bee in my bonnet over mixed messages about the health benefits of soy. I got on the soy bandwagon in the 1990s when it seemed it was the answer to all my future potential health problems—only to have it all dashed about six years ago when I started hearing that soy may not be all it was cracked up to be. For an amazingly comprehensive review of soy research studies dating from the 1960s, read Bon Appétit’s 2014 piece on the subject. (Guys: Be sure to check out how many times soyfoods consumption has been cited as a way toRead More →

Supermodel, celebrity chef, former New York City mayor, comedian, and shepherd-in-chief, respectively—all are passionate about some aspect of food waste and food security. Then there are the Grocery Manufacturers Association, Food Marketing Institute, and National Restaurant Association—industry influencers who have partnered with the Food Waste Reduction Alliance to communicate best practices and emerging solutions to key actors in the supply chain. As a business writer one of my favorite topics is supply chain management. The idea of unlocking hidden value is an aphrodisiac to us b-school types and those charged with growing the bottom line and edging out the competition. The FWRA puts it inRead More →

I think I’ve dined alone in a “fine” restaurant only once in my life—and it did not begin well. It was a good 30 years ago while I was traveling solo in Brussels. As a foodie I was keen to “have what they’re having”: I figured my best food bet would be the place with the most patrons and chose thusly. I did feel a bit awkward asking for a table for one; it was about 9:00 p.m. and there were no other solo diners in sight. I was waiting in the vestibule when the maître d’ swooped in and commandeered the small table beingRead More →

“Fake meat” has been around for a long time, at least in New York City. For years I frequented Zen Palate in Union Square (though for me the meat alternatives were not the draw). After Union Square the restaurant had a good run in Hell’s Kitchen, and now I see they’ve put down stakes in Murray Hill. On a grand scale, in recent years people like Bill Gates have helped fund new meat-alternatives ventures that preserve precious resources, curb greenhouse gas emissions, and will help advance food security. There’s Beyond Meat, a company that makes plant-protein-based meat substitutes that behave (and taste, so say aRead More →

In searching for an adjective to describe the scale of the “longevity bonus” you’re about to read about, I came across for the first time the word “brobdingnagian” and could not resist its attention-grabbing potential. (I’ve used it without the initial cap, as is done with similar words.) Evidently Jonathan Swift coined it in Gulliver’s Travels, and it means “marked by tremendous size” ( Synonyms are astronomical, colossal, elephantine, titanic, leviathan, supersized—are you getting the idea? A hot-off-the-press study by gerontologist Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D., in partnership with Bank of America Merrill Lynch is exciting on so many levels. Dychtwald’s firm, Age Wave, surveyed a sizableRead More →

One of life’s small pleasures is telling someone about a great this or that you experienced that s/he should try—and the report comes back with flying colors, just as you hoped it would! Over the past few months I have burnished my foodie cred with a few family members as I talked up the delights of the tasting menu. Intrigued by my Fine Diners Over 40 (FDO40) venture, my college-aged niece asked me to show her what a FDO40 experience might be like. To be on the safe side, I could have suggested places where we could order à la carte; instead, I asked thisRead More →